2015 | White Garden

Fictional novel. Logo

White Garden (Beyond no Kagami) is a fictional fantasy novel featuring a unique emblem logo inspired by sacred geometry and the “flower of life”.

Here is what the author of White Garden Yu Ki says about my work:

Many of my small projects have been created using Konstantin’s creative talents. The most important was the logo design for my book. The task was not an easy one: the logo was required not only for the cover, but also for inclusion in the plot. The logo designed by Konstantin fit perfectly. It subtly reflects the symbolism and aesthetic that I wanted to convey. This logo can be printed on a T-shirt, used as a print or tattooed. Everywhere and in any size, it will look beautiful and harmonious.
Konstantin knows his business well, whether it is design or creating a site from scratch – he will do everything with taste and at an affordable price.
I have repeatedly recommended his services to both my friends and my boss at work, and I can say with confidence that everyone was satisfied. I recommend him to you too!