2015 | Hol Game

Developing toy. Logo

Hol is a wooden toy, which is a mixture of a spinning top and a yo-yo, which was born in 1994. The player pulls on the rope, thereby spinning and releasing Hol to the ground. Whoever keeps Hol on the move longer wins!

The designed logo is great for burning it on the rounded surface of the Hol, it can become a decoration of the package and can be printed on stylish stickers!

Here is what the founder of Hol Game, Armen Asatryan, wrote about my work:

I ordered a logo many years ago. It turned out exactly as I wanted.
I really enjoyed working with Konstantin, and especially because there was flexibility in the process and we could quickly make necessary adjustments.
If I was asked would you recommend ordering a design from him? So my answer is “definitely yes!”

After all, in addition to quality, the price for the work was just like a dream!