2015 | nice flower

Floristry Studio. Identity, Web

Nice Flower is a floristry studio that provides services for decorating with fresh flowers weddings, as well as decorating business and corporate events.

The developed logo, corporate identity and website of the studio.

During the work on the logo, three different concepts were proposed, but Anastasia, the founder of Nice Flower, liked the most illustrative and romantic version, referring to the famous Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast.

Here is what Anastasia Efremova says:

Probably the most difficult thing in the process of creating a logo and the entire identity of a company is to translate the client’s vision, their understanding of the essence of their business into the language of images, color palette and text. At this stage, disputes and contradictions often arise between a customer and a designer.
I am grateful to Konstantin that we went through this difficult stage together and the result of work on the logo for my floristic workshop was satisfactory not only for both of us, but also for my regular clients. They saw in it a reflection of my approach to floristry and this beautiful and hard business. The color grade and font of the logo set a festive mood, and clarity of the lines of the central figure emphasizes our attitude to the principles of doing business – high-quality execution of orders just in time.